Exhibition at "jens fehring | gallery" , Frankfurt, January-March 2008
Vernissage 17.01.2008. [plus...]

Exhibition at Gesundheitszentrum "Heupenmühle", Kelberg, July-October 2007

Exhibition at the assembly hall of the commune, Ulmen, August-September 2007

Exhibition at Heilpraktiker Jutta and Heinz Trippen, Wittlich, March 2007

“The Awning Project” (group show), Bristol, 2004

Painting on clothing designed by Russell Sage, “Victoria & Albert Museum”, London, 2001

“Bath Society of Artists 96th Annual Exhibition”, “Victoria Art Gallery”, Bath, 2001

“Paintings” (solo show), “Hunstrete House”, Somerset, 2001

“Open Studio for Sands Creative” (group show), Bath Fringe Visual Arts, Somerset, 2001

“Trees - Home & Abroad” (solo show), “Walcot Chapel”, Bath, 2000

“Bath Fringe Visual Art Exhibition” (group show), Bath, 2000

“Norwegian Church” (group show), Cardiff, 1999

“Sands Creative Studio Exhibition” (group show), Bath Fringe Visual Arts, Somerset, 1999

“Sands Creative Exhibition” (group show), South Beach, Miami, U.S.A., 1994

“Business Art Galleries” (group show), London, 1993

“Pickled Shopkeepers” (group show), Liverpool, 1990